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The Northwich Trader

The Northwich Trader

Introducing the ‘Northwich Trader’ class narrowboat. Built either 62′ or 70′ in length. The engine can be a completely rebuilt vintage Kelvin, a Russell Newbery or the engine of your choice.

The Northwich Trader is so well known and sought after by existing boat owners and prospective purchasers alike, that any boat which comes into the market is sold immediately. A solid financial asset which will appreciate for years to come. We do all the hard work for less than half the cost of the finished product.

Specification includes all steelwork including lockable steel doors and hatches. Engine fitted and running. Back cabin fitted with Epping stove and all the usual equipment. Ballast included.

All external lines to Yarwoods of Northwich 1930’s design. Entrance and exit swims built to exact dimensions giving positive handling and absence of excess wash.

All seams are welded both sides. Strakes are welded all round. All steel to BS43A.