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Dry dock

Dry Dock

Although capable of handling commercial vessels with a length of over 120′ and beam of over 20′ the historic dry dock at Saul is perfect for smaller vessels such as yachts, motor cruises, barges and narrowboats. Narrowboats are usually docked in pairs and the height of the boatstocks, which is over 4’0″ means that painting under the bottom plate is a simple task.

The cutting and extending of narrowboats and barges is usually carried out in the dry dock which is within reach of our tower crane which facilitates material handling.


To enquire about price and availability or to book time in the dry dock it is usually better to contact us by ‘phone or email and we will send you a current price list of our services for your particular type of vessel. If you indicate your preferred time of year we can furnish you with the available dates in that period.

Other Services

At R W Davis and Son Ltd we have permanent experienced staff able to carry out all types of work whilst your vessel is in the dry dock. This includes

  • Pressure washing @ 4000 psi
  • Applying underwater paint systems by brush or airless spray
  • Hull survey of all types of craft including ultrasonic thickness testing of steel hulls
  • Inspection of prop shafts, propellers, stern bushes, rudders, bowprops, transducers, keel cooling pipes etc
  • Hull repairs to all steel and wooden vessels including overplating, lengthening, propeller repair and replacement, shaft straightening
  • Keel bolt removal and replacement
  • Replanking, graving etc
  • Insurance work, collision damage etc

For more information on any of the above contact us